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January 2016 Car of the Month: Power Meets Prowess

January 2016 Car of the Month: Power Meets Prowess

           The BMW e30 chassis has become an icon to many car enthusiasts. Its retro styling, minimalist design, and performance driving dynamic has made it one of the most revered BMW models of all time. It is with these features that Ryan became hooked on BMW’s which eventually inspired him to build his 800+hp BMW 335i.

            Ryan’s Story begins in 1998 when he got his first BMW, a 1988 BMW 325i Convertible. He eventually did some mods, 4.10lsd, big camshaft, the usual bolt on upgrades. While not the fastest car ever, it provided him with pure driving pleasure, and set a precedence for what Ryan expected of his vehicles.
            Fast forward a few years and Ryan felt it was time to move on and sold his e30 (with over 500k miles on the clock). In search of a replacement he, he immediately gravitated towards the new BMW e92 coupe. With 300hp and 300tq from the factory from a 3.0 twin turbo I6, the 335i seems the like the perfect replacement.

“I purchased my 2007 335i in early 2009 with 13k miles. It was a garage kept unmolested car with the perfect options. Black Sapphire Metallic with Red Dakota interior and the sport package. She was everything I have ever dreamed of, the perfect combination, devilish while still remaining sophisticated. I enjoyed every moment of her, but still felt that she lacked something? POWER!!!!!

Around 18k miles I decided I have waited long enough and purchased my 1st tune, a Procede v2. The night and day power experience was intoxicating….I was thinking “how the hell did this car have 100 extra horsepower just sitting here and why have I waited”? It still amazes me that with just a tune there was so much power left on the plate! I can honestly say my need for “Instant Gratification” was fulfilled.

As the days went on like so many if not all of us the power hunger had returned. I wanted and needed more!!!!! Much more!!!! So the modding bug bit me and sunk in hard. MODS NEED MORE MODS! So the search began. Intakes came next, while they didn’t yield much power I did feel better about how the car was breathing with the added power. With my thirst unquenched I went into a real mod and I quickly purchased my cat less VRSF downpipes. To my amazement power was to be had! This car kept surprising me that with simple mods more and more power was gained and felt, unlike the days of modding a NA car spending thousands and getting 30whp. LOL.

As usual the new found power became the norm and I was back to my search. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?? HAHA Typical junkie!!! I need my fix!! So being that I already had the Procede my next new mod really needed to yield some power, I wanted consistent big gains and felt that the “meth” kit will give me the fix! Mmmmmm METH!!!! Now the power was there! She was a complete animal! There weren’t many cars in our class that could even compete with us. Now this is how the car should be all day and every day.

So let’s fast forward about a year… say 2011 or 12.

I’m thinking I am at about 3 years of ownership at this point, and the car is a blast to drive still. I had stopped modding for a while and was happy. As with everything in life someone makes new products or refines things to exceed the standard. I had found myself lurking on the forums looking for how to make a bit more power. This seems to be the time that the e85 craze started for our [N54 Powered] cars, and people were making record-breaking numbers. I had become bored with my Procede and wanted something new, so I purchased a JB4 and fell in love all over again. I loved all the features that the Procede lacked as well as the driving experience. So I went through all the phases and mods. I am now all FBO, helix fmic, inline 255 backend flash and really maxed out on the stock frames.”


            When Ryan started yearning for more power he came to a cross roads: Hybrid stock turbos or a big single? With his power goals in mind, the option was clear, Big Single. So he contacted FFTEC Motorsports and ordered a vff900 kit utilizing a Precision 6466 turbocharger.

“I purchased my FFTEC 900 kit in late 2014 and finally installed her in late December with the help of Justin at Boost Addictions. The install was done on the garage floor. Some people recommend using a lift, but I felt it was fairly easy to do on the ground. This has been my playground over the past 4+ modding years anyway so I was pretty comfortable.

With about 15 hours of install time, some cussing, blood sweat and tears the kit was installed! The first startup was like instant Eargasm. WOW SEX TO THE EARS!!! Why the “F” did I wait this long?????? The car is a complete animal!!!! This is simply the best modification to date! The car is completely transformed into a beast!

I want to give a special shout out to Mike and Anthony at FFTEC!!!!!!! FANTASTIC customer service!!!!! I couldn’t be happier with the product!!!!”

         In order to take advantage of the added airflow Ryan now needed to the ability to “Fuel-It”. Since the stock N54 direct injection system maxes out around 600hp on straight pump fuel, some big changes were needed to increase the fueling capacity to achieve 800+hp utilizing e85 for fuel. For those who don’t know, e85 requires roughly 30-50% more fuel to achieve similar air to fuel ratio as pump gas (both on pump gas scaling for AFR).

       So he purchased a Fuel-It stage 3 low pressure fuel system with return setup. The dual Walbro 450 e85 pumps would easily meet his goals. He then purchased a Motiv Supplemental Port Injection kit with a Split second A1C controller. These auxiliary injectors are triggered by the jb4 using a user defined input.

       Once all these items were in it was time for tuning. We [Boost Addictions] did a custom calibration for Ryan’s car and split second controller. End result was a tree stump pulling 649whp and 654tq @32psi. We are very confident that this would have broken 700whp on our dyno had there been new plugs in his car with a tighter gap as we were seeing spark blow out in the upper rpms. Max torque that day was around 680wtq, and full boost was achieved at 4000 rpm.

“The tuning has been seamless so far. Justin @ Boostaddictions.com has transformed the standard tune into a fire-breathing, ass kicking monster! If you need single turbo tuning and you are using a JB4 that he is your man!!! The car is running on 32psi currently with 100% meth and e85… and it just flies! The power is consistent and pulls like a freight train all the way to redline!


        To get the power to the ground Ryan purchased an Mfactory limited slip differential, Boost Addictions Differential Brace, and 275 Nitto tires wrapped around 19” Alufelgen Sf-71 wheels.

Mod List:



-Motiv Port Injection Kit

-Fuel-It Stage 3 Low pressure fuel system

-Vishnu Charge Pipe modified for Tial BOV

-Vishnu Meth Kit modified to work with JB4

-N20 3.5 bar MAP Sensor

-HPF 3.5” single Exhaust

-Helix Intercooler



-Boost Addictions Custom Tuning


-Boost Addictions Differential Brace

-Mfactory Limited Slip Differential

-19” Alufelgen SF-71 wheels

-M3 Control Arms

-e46 M3 Transmission Mounts

-AKG Delrin Motor Mounts 


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